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My research interests include experimental philosophy (x-phi), ethics, philosophy of religion, secular studies, and the philosophy of science. As of late, my focus has been on using qualitative methods to study how people think about philosophical issues in order to inform traditional analytic philosophizing. For example, my dissertation (2019) was on how people think about the principle that "ought implies can." For detailed information about my research, publications, and presentations, see my CV; what follows is a few recent things I've worked on:

  • "Qualitative Methods Show that Surveys Misrepresent 'Ought Implies Can' Judgments" (in Philosophical Psychology)

  • "Ethics, X-Phi, and the Expanded Methodological Toolbox" (dissertation; committee: Eric Schwitzgebel, Brian Keeley, and Phil Zuckerman)

  • "Are Atheists Immoral?" & "Where Do Atheists Get their Values?" (brief chapters in Atheism in Five Minutes)

  • "Secular Living as a Context for Moral Development" (I was co-author on this, with Phil Zuckerman as principal author; chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Moral Development: An Interdisciplinary Perspective)

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