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I love teaching philosophy, religious studies, and writing. I believe that teaching should be both engaging and educational, so I work hard to bring both aspects into the classroom (in-person and online). I've had the privilege to teach at a number of institutions, and to work with students of all backgrounds and interests. I recognize that few students will go on to study philosophy at the graduate level and beyond, which means it is my responsibility to show them the value of philosophizing in a relatively short period of time.

For the longer list of courses I've taught, see my CV; here is a brief look at some of the courses I've taught in recent years:

  • Empirical and Experimental Philosophy (Harvey Mudd College and Pitzer College): A course of my own design that navigates the historical intersections between the empirical and the philosophical, starting with Descartes and winding up in the contemporary experimental philosophy movement.

  • Ethical Theory: Contemporary (Pitzer College): A course on consequentialism, deontology, virtue ethics, some metaethics, and more. Yes, there are trolleys and violinists, but also an examination of moral saints, moral mediocrity, and some Rawls for good measure.

  • Introduction to Philosophy (Chaffey College and MiraCosta College): If this class ever gets old, I think I'll hang up my hat.

  • Critical Thinking (Chaffey College and MiraCosta College): A class on fake news, fallacies, and other adventures in logic and applied epistemology.

  • Humankind (Harvey Mudd College): Another course of my own creation, which combines readings in philosophy and psychology on the nature of humanity. Specifically, we examine the increasingly digital aspects of humanity in contrast with arguments that we are merely animals of a slightly special kind.

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